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本文摘要:外研版英语必修一Module 1in other words 换句话说In other words, you have to have both. Product and promotion. 换句话说,你必须两手都要抓,产物和促销不行偏废。look forward to 期待;盼愿I look forward to your guidance. 我期待获得你们的指导。


外研版英语必修一Module 1in other words 换句话说In other words, you have to have both. Product and promotion. 换句话说,你必须两手都要抓,产物和促销不行偏废。look forward to 期待;盼愿I look forward to your guidance. 我期待获得你们的指导。

at the start of 在……开始的时候We are at the start of the season. 我们现在是在赛季开始的阶段。at the end of 在……竣事的时候There is a shop at the end of the street. 这条街走到头有一个商店。

go to college 上大学 What about deciding on where to go to college? 对于该去那里上大学,该如何决议?be divided into 被(划)分成……He suggested that our class should be divided into five groups. 他建议说我们的班应该分成五个小组。take part in 到场Take part in something you believe in. 到场到你所信仰的事情当中。Module 2make sure 确定;确信;查明;弄清楚I make sure they work well. 我确认他们做得很好。

so that (引起表现效果的从句)因此He wrote down my address, so that he might remember it. 他写下了我的地址,以便能够记着它。make progress 取得进步Modesty helps one to make progress; conceit makes one lag behind. 虚心使人进步, 自满使人落伍。

as a result 效果As a result, the bad thing has been turned into a good one. 效果坏事酿成了好事。in fact 事实上n fact, I would advise them not to do that. 实际上,我建议他们不要那么做。fall asleep 睡着I can not fall asleep after drinking coffee this late. 现在这么晚了,喝咖啡之后我不能入睡。tell jokes 讲笑话;开顽笑He always tell jokes to me and wore a sunny smile. 他总是告诉我的笑话和戴着一个阳光辉煌光耀的笑容。

Module 3get on 上(车、船等)Here comes the bus. Let's get on. 公共汽车来了,咱们上去吧。get off 下(车、船等)Excuse me, I have to get off at the next stop. 屈驾,我必须在下一站下车。

get into 上(车);进入How did you get into the field? 你是如何进入该领域的呢?get out of 下(车);动身In order to get out of the peak-hour traffic, we must start early. 我们得早点儿动身以避开交通岑岭期。take off (飞机)起飞When the storm stopped , the plane could take off . 当风暴停下来时,飞机可以起飞了不起。

be short for 是……的缩写/简称The name Christm will be short for "Christ's Mass". “圣诞节”这个名称是“基督恺撒”的缩写。not …any more 不再At least, I was thinking so… Not any more. 至少以前是… 但现在不再如此了。out of date 过时The regulations were out of date and confusing.那些划定已经由时,而且令人费解。refer to 指的是;参考Writers often refer to a dictionary. 作家时常参考字典。

Module 4put up 修建;建设And I think I put up the postulates. 我想我已经建设过这种假设了。so far 到现在为止So far, they appear to be up to the task. 到现在为止,他们体现出负担了这一任务。up to now 到现在为止I have heard nothing from him up to now. 到现在为止我没有他的任何消息。

till now 到现在为止He was wiped out yesterday and doesn't wake up till now. 他昨晚喝醉了,直到现在还没醒。get away from 挣脱It’s so obvious once you get away from the traditional mindset. 你一旦挣脱了传统的思维方式,效果会如此显着。

a great many 许多;大量One day them was a terrible flood which drowned a great many wolves. 有一天,发生了一场恐怖的洪水,许多狼被淹死。a number of 许多;大量A number of them departed for an outing. 他们当中许多人外出作短途旅游。go up 上升Prices incline to go up. 价钱有上升趋势。

Module 5add … to … 往……加入……Do you have anything to add to the list? 你另有什么想要添加到列表列面吗?used to 已往(经常)……We used to sashay after supper. 已往我们总是在晚饭后去散步。in the area of 在……领域Altogether, in the area of hospitals and medicine, our country still has a lot of problems. 总而言之,在医疗药物这一块,我国依然存在着相当多的问题。be proud of 为……感应自满/自豪You are the pride of us , you will be proud of us in the future. 你现在是我们的自满,我们未来才气是你的自豪。

be supposed to 应当;理应It tells us to be supposed to maintain the innocent childlike innocence, selfless dauntless, daresto tell the truth. 它告诉我们应该保持天真绚丽的童心、无私无畏,敢于说真话。Module 6consists of 由……组成A file consists of one or more messages. 一个文件由一个或多个消息组成。

as well 也She can play tennis as well as basketball. 她也会打篮球,也会打网球。become known as 作为……而着名;被称为…With many traditions,the game has become known as a game played by gentlemen. 受传统看法及习俗的影响,高尔夫已徐徐成为一项绅士运动。go down 下降;下去Shall I go down the stairway? 我应该走楼梯下去吗?come up with 提出Have you ever noticed how easy it is to come up with a reason to do nothing? 你有没有感受在不想做什么的时候,很容易就会想出一个理由去逃避?from that moment on 从那时起They both loved each other from that moment on. 从那一刻开始,他们俩就相互喜欢上对方了。

concentrate on 全神贯注;集中思想If you concentrate on either one too much then you can run into problems later on. 如果你太过集中于其中的任何一个,那么稍后你就会遇到问题。compared with 与……相比 Our greenhouse is nothing compared with yours. 我们这个温室比起你们谁人简直是小巫见大巫。

外研版英语必修二Module 1be connected with 与……有联系Success seems to be connected with action. 乐成似乎与行动相连。take exercise 磨炼We take exercise every morning. 我们天天早晨做运动。be crazy about 迷恋Young people all seems to be crazy about such things. 年轻人看起来对这些工具都很是感兴趣。have a temperature 发烧Does he have a temperature, doctor? 他还发烧吗,医生?lie down 躺下I lie down, relax, and if I get ideas, I get ideas. 我躺下来,放松,如果我有了个想法,我就有灵感了。

begin with 以……开始Let it begin with you! 就让这些从你开始吧。put … into 将……投入……It can be held in the hand, moved, and put into or onto something. 可以拿在手中,可以移动,可以放在某些工具上面或者内里。become ill 生病Make sure to offer to take their kids if they ever become ill! 当他们生病的时候,你也要帮助照看他们的孩子。

Module 2related to 有关系的;有关联的Each of these are expenses related to your job. 这些开支都是和你的事情相关的。break into 破门而入;强行突入They break into an office so that Jack can use the phone. 他们突入了一间办公室,因为杰克需要使用电话。belong to 属于We do not belong to it. 我们不属于那一派。

become addicted to 对……上瘾;着迷于Humans have become addicted to flesh.人类已对吃肉上瘾。take one's advice 听某人的意见You should take my advice about your job.关于你的事情你应该听取我的意见。in order to 为了……He polished off his work in order to see his girlfriend. 为了去见女朋侪,他慌忙地做完手头的事情。

so as to 为了……They laid the sails aback so as to stay on course in the storm wind. 他们使帆成为逆风向以便在狂风中保持既定航道。give up 戒除;放弃I would not give up for anything. 我绝不会为任何事情放弃。Module 3be impressed with 留下深刻印象Your interviewer will be impressed with your mind. 你的想法会给面试官留下深刻印象。split up 破裂;支解Who told you we have split up?谁告诉你我们已经仳离了?make a note of 记载Make a note of the folder’s location! 记着这个文件夹的位置!Module 4be / get tired of 对……厌烦I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of going. 我认为我此行不会感应厌烦。

be fond of 喜欢;喜爱It's human nature for parents to be fond of their children. 怙恃爱孩子是人类的天性。tell by 从……可以看出You can tell by the way they talk with her. 你可以从他们与她谈话的方式中就可以看出来。put off 推迟;延期So he put off dealing with it, week after week. 于是他一周又一周地推迟处置惩罚这件事情。take turns 轮流The doctors take turns at participating in the mobile medical team. 医生们轮流到场巡回医疗队。

a series of 一系列的Film divides motion up into a series of static images. 影戏将行动剖析为一系列静态画面。Module 5in total 总共;合计;完全You’re in total isolation. 你完全是伶仃无援的。

now that 既然Now that the problem is solved, nothing remains to be said. 问题已经解决了, 没什么说头儿了。believe in 相信He does not believe in fate. 他不相信运气。

be similar to 和……相似You'll notice that two use cases appear to be similar to each other, though there areminor differences in workflow. 你会注意到事情中的两个用例相互之间很相似,只管它们之间另有一些小差异。Module 6come out 泛起;出书We're going to come out with a new dictionary next month. 下个月我们将出书一部新词典。

fall in love with 爱上;喜欢(表行动)If someone loves none, he may fall in love with anyone around him. 当一小我私家谁都不爱的时候,他就可以爱上身边的任何一小我私家。be in love with 爱上;喜欢(表状态)Be in love with your life. 热爱你的生活。play a part 饰演角色Talent, skill and luck play a part, but there is more. 天分,技术和运气起一部门作用,但另有更多。to one's surprise 令某人受惊的是To our surprise, they said okay! 让我们受惊的是,他们说可以。

in surprise 受惊地Our brows went up in surprise. 我们惊讶地竖起了眉毛。care about 体贴;挂念;在乎Share this with anyone you care about. 和任何你体贴的人分享这些.every now and then 有时;偶然Every now and then you need a taste of your favorite childhood dish. 人不时回忆起您喜爱的那种童年的味道。

at the age of 在……岁时What did you do at the age of six? 你六岁的时候能做些什么呢?外研版英语必修三Module 1Look at 看The boy stole a look at his father with grimace. 那男孩扮着鬼脸偷看了他父亲一眼。more than 多于… He is little more than a boy in worldly experience. 他涉世不深, 简直还是一个孩子。

be famous for 因…而著名 The town miller was famous for his excellent flour.镇上的面粉场主以优质面粉著称。work on 从事,举行 We need to put in our time and work on our skills. 我们需要投入自己的时间和武艺在我们的事情上。from…until.. 从…到…He worked from dawn until(til) dark.他没日没夜地事情。because of 因为;由于 His business went under because of competition from the large corporations. 由于大公司的竞争,他的生意陷入了逆境。

last for 延续;连续The blockade is likely to last for some time. 封锁可能要连续一段时间。all the time 总是;一直 She must be nervous,she fusses about all the time. 她想必很紧张,她一直忙碌得团团转。be known as 以…闻名Work in this new vein has come to be known as experimental philosophy. 这种形式的研究被称为实验哲学。ever since 自此;从那时起  I have distrusted her ever since she cheated me. 自从她骗我以后,我就不信任她了。

next to 靠近…;紧挨着The two shops are next to each other. 那两家铺子紧挨着。refer to 指…;参考;适用于 Writers often refer to a dictionary. 作家时常参考字典。

in terms of 谈到…;从…方面;依据  It can not be measured in terms of money. 这是不能用款项权衡的。compare with与…比力How do they compare with our alternatives? 它们和我们的选择如何比力?have control  over 对…加以控制    You have control over nothing except your own mind. 除了自己的思想你什么也没有控制到。little  by  little逐渐的 Little by little he usurped his boss's authority. 他逐渐地夺取老板的权力。

Module 2up to直到;由…决议 It's up to him to resolve this problem. 这个问题应由他来解决。agree to do sth.同意桌某事  Would the people agree to this? 人们会同意这么做吗?at the top of再…顶端This one should be at the top of your list. 这一项应该在列表的顶端。be to do sth.将要做某事 Another approach might be to do them for 10 minutes at the end of each hour.另一个方法是在每事情一个小时后,用10分钟的时间来处置惩罚那些事务。

make sure确保;弄清楚Make sure that you capture the answers to these questions from them. 确保一定要从他们那里找到这些问题的谜底。encourage sb. to do sth.勉励某人做某事 I encourage them to read or go outside . 我勉励他们阅读或者去户外运动。close to 靠近的,靠近的;亲密的His house is close to the park. 他的家挨着公园。

practice doing  sth.训练做某事Then she would practice writing. 然后,她会训练写作。as a result 效果;因此 As a result, the bad thing has been turned into a good one. 效果坏事酿成了好事。Module 3pick up 拿起,拾起 Where(When) do I pick up the ticket? 我在什么地方(时候)拿机票?take off去掉 Can you take off my helmet and put it on? 你可以脱下我的头盔并自己戴上吗?on average平均起来It says that on average, you should be around 20. 它表现的是平均值,应该在20左右。end up 以…竣事 The chairman finally ended up his speech.主席终于竣事了演说。

warn sb. of 警告某人He had decided to warn her of the mistake she was making. 他决议申饬她,她正在犯错误。set fire to 纵火… They set fire to the city. 他们纵火烧了这座都会。put out 扑灭;关掉Please put the light out when you leave the room.脱离房间时请把灯关掉。

be active in 努力… Join, and be active in an association. 到场一个协会并在内里努力的体现。in all 总共I have one brother and two sistets. So she gets four children in all. 我有一个哥哥,两个妹妹,所以她总共有四个孩子。take place 发生When does the wedding take place? 什么时候举行婚礼?come into 生效 The will comes into effect.这份遗嘱开始生效。be of no effect 无效 mean to do sth. 计划做某事What do you mean to do with it? 你计划怎样处置惩罚它?mean doing sth. 意思是,意味着Balance does not mean doing everything. 平衡并不意味着努力追求每件事情。

manage to do sth. 设法做某事We should manage to house and feed the poor. 我们得设法解决贫民的食宿问题。succeed in doing sth. 做成某事 All of us want to succeed in life. 在人生的舞台上我们都想取得乐成。Module 4take in 吸收Our club plan to take in 20 new members.我们俱乐部计划吸收20名新会员。give out 放出;发出 Give out candies or cards. 分发你的糖果和贺卡。

protect…from/against…. 掩护…不受..的侵害 one  after another 一个接一个 Sometimes we would play games one after another. 有时,我们会一个接一个地玩游戏。have a bad effect on对…有坏的影响 Alcoholic drink can have a bad effect on your body. 含酒精的饮料会对你的身体有很坏的影响。in a nutshell 简言之;归纳综合的说 In a nutshell, here's how the survey works. 这里简朴说一下这项观察的运作。look through 浏览He looked through his notes before the final examination.他期末考试前温习了自己的条记。

cut down 砍树 We do not have to cut down one single tree. 我们不需要再砍倒哪怕一棵树。dig up 挖掘出 You dig up the past, all you get is dirty. 你把已往一股脑儿都挖了出来,那可都是见不得人的。

be caught in 突然遭遇(风暴等)He is wet all over and looks as if he had been caught in a rain. 他全身湿透似乎淋了雨似的。prevent …(from)doing …阻止…做…Nothing can prevent her (from) doing so. 什么也不能阻止她这样做。Module 5be at war with 与…征战  in conclusion 总之 ;最后In conclusion, I wish this meeting every success. 最后,预祝本届年会取得圆满乐成!believe in 信仰;信任 Not believe in what you should do. 不要相信什么是你该做的。

bring up 养育;抚育 They have very definite ideas on how to bring up children. 关于如何造就孩子,他们有很是明确的想法.become interested in 对…感兴趣How did you become interested in this subject? 你是怎么开始对这个话题感兴趣的?spend  …doing……花费…做…   The time they need to spend doing their work 这些资源在执行事情时需要花费的时间be different from 与…差别  Now it is different from the past. 现在和已往差别了。for the first time 首次;第一次Naturally, you were keyed up when you went on the platform for the first time. 你第一次登上讲台感应紧张是很自然的。

Module 6date from 起源于This custom dates from the nineteenth century.这民俗始于19世纪。hold back 阻止 He couldn't hold back his anger. 他再也控制不住他的怒火。

come true(梦想等)酿成现实I'm afraid his hope won't come true easily. 他的希望怕很难实现。make sense 有意义;有原理   It all started to make sense. 这一切都开始变得有意义。

bring an end to 竣事;终止work out 算出;解决Work out how much all these things will cost. 算盘算计买这么多工具要几多钱。dream of 梦想 He had long nourished the dream of being an actor. 良久以来他一直梦想着成为一名演员。

be full of 充满His head is full of nonsense. 他满脑子荒唐念头。take away 移去;拿走;消除 Take away the glasses and the tray. 把这些玻璃杯和托盘拿走。be on a visit 在观光 He is on a visit to English. 他正在会见英国。

live a happy life 过着幸福的生活We live a happy life together. 我 们一家在一起过着幸福的生活。外研版英语必修四Module 1in the future 未来What do you think should be expected in the future? 你认为什么会是在未来可以期待的?plenty of 大量的 You have plenty of time to read. 你有大量的时间念书。think about 思量 Think about what we should do tomorrow. 想想我们明天该做些什么。

instead of 取代 Instead of abating, the wind is blowing even harder. 风不光没停,反而越刮越大了。be able to 能够 As a politician, he is able to withstand public criticism. 作为一名政治家,他经得住民众品评。

attach to 毗连到;隶属于 A tag was attached to each article.每件物品上都系上了标签。have an accident 发生意外;失事故 Did you have an accident? 你失事故了吗?for a start 开始 For a start, you may find it impossible to do so. 首先你会发现,这么做是不行能的。

on the way out 在路上 ony stops them on the way out. 托尼在他们脱离的路上叫住了他们。a few of 一些 Let me briefly highlight a few of the achievements of the past year. 让我简要地回首一下在已往一年中取得的一些成就。

be made of 由…制成 My,it must be made of copper. 哇,这只苹果准是铜做的吧。throw away 扔掉;抛弃 He threw away the old sofa.他把旧沙发扔掉了。for sure 确定 All of those advantages, for sure. 所有的那些优势,简直。

Module 2in no time 立刻;马上 I shut him up in no time. 只不外我很快就让他闭嘴了。get around 随便走走;流传;绕开 You can, however, get around this. 可是您可以避开这种操作。be limited to 有限 Each speaker was limited to five minutes. 每位讲话者的时限为5分钟。

have a good view of 有一个好的视角 get a seat 获得座位 We’ll go early,otherwise we may not get a seat. 我们得早点去,要否则就没有座位了。under construction 在修建中 The reservoir is under construction. 水库正在施工。

rush hour 岑岭期 Yet he found the stress from the rush hour commute lingered. 然而,他发现,那从上下班岑岭时间的交通压力。traffic jam  交通堵塞Maybe he in the traffic jam. 他可能遇上交通阻塞了。get stuck 被困住 seem to 看起来像 Some people seem to be always lucky. 有些人似乎从来都是幸运的。

switch off 关掉 Don't forget to switch off the gas.别忘了关煤气。turn on 打开 Please turn on the radio.请把收音机打开。be famous for 因…而着名 I like Japanese food because it is famous for being fresh. 我喜欢日本食物,因为它为是著名的新鲜的。a list of 一列;一份 I made a list of things to take with me. 我列出了一个我要带走的物品的清单。

what’s more 更重要的是  What's more, looking out the window, all appeared normal. 更重要的是,看看窗外一切都是那么正常。be connected to 和…有联系 I salute you all today and I am closely connected to you from my heart. 今天我向你们致敬,我从心中和你们精密的毗连在一起。Module 3shake hands 握手 And they do not expect just to shake hands with him. 这些向导人期望的不仅仅是和他握握手。in the distance 在远处 In the distance what do you hear? 听到远方有什么声音传来body language 肢体语言The moment that you would see their body language change. 你可以看到他们的身体语言连忙改变了。

on guard 警戒;提防 The world is alert and on guard as never before. 世界从没有像现在这样保持警惕和警备。make a deal 告竣生意业务 Together we decide what is fair and we make a deal. 大家配合决议怎么做才公正并告竣生意业务。

hold up 举起 She held up her arm and wiped her tears off.她抬起手擦去了眼角的泪。give away 泄露;失去 Please don't give my secret away!请不要说出我的秘密!shake one’s head摇头 take a sip 小喝一口Module 4bring up 教育,造就 My parents brought me up to respect others.我怙恃教育我要尊重他人。from an early age 从很早的时候开始 We learn from an early age how to forgive. 我们从很小的时候就开始学习如何原谅。as a result of 由于,原因是 come to power 掌权 When did that wise man come to power? 谁人英明的人何时执政的?be attached to 被系/捆在…..上 The digest is attached to the message being sent. 附加在要发送的消息上。

at present 现在 He is at present in Shanghai. 现在他正在上海。Module 5at the edge of 在….边缘  At the edge of life everything is an occasion for death. 在生命的边缘,一切都是导致死亡的原因。at least 至少 I resolved to visit my grandmother at least once a year. 我决议每年至少要去探望祖母一次。be heavy with 充满;有大量的 Now my heart is heavy with the burden of sense of responsibility. 现在,我心里的责任感比任何时候都极重。

get a kick out of 感应愉快I bet he'd get a kick out of that. 我想他听了一定很兴奋。go through 通过;完成 The rain has gone through my overcoat.雨水淋透了我的外衣。know about 相识 What do they know about your topic? 关于你的主题他们相识几多?go on a trip 去…会见;旅行I might at least go on a trip to start. 可能我会先旅行一下吧。

Module 6close to (在时间或空间上)靠近 Do you live in Heaven or even close to it? 你是生活在天堂中或者仅仅在靠近它呢?be likely to 很可能 The blockade is likely to last for some time. 封锁可能要连续一段时间。due to 由于;因为 This is due to extra task switching. 这主要是由于分外的任务转换。

quite something 不寻常的;令人惊讶的 jump out of 从…..跳出 Real frogs will, in fact, jump out of the pot — but never mind. 不外不必担忧,事实上,真正的青蛙会跳出煮锅。a group of 一群 A group of zebras started up by a shot. 一声枪响把一群斑马惊得四散奔逃。walk along 沿着…..走 Walk along Second Avenue and you can see it on the right. 沿着第二大街走,然后你能看到它在右边。

the beginning of 在….的开头 It marks the beginning of a new era in human history. 这标志着人类历史新纪元的开始。外研版英语必修五Module 1have in common 有配合点 What do they have in common? 那他们有什么配合点呢?make a difference 有影响;使差别 I volunteer because I want to not just see the world, but make a difference in it. 我做志愿者是因为我不仅想看看这个世界,我还想让它变得差别。differ from 与……差别 On one point I differ from you.我在这一点上跟你有分歧。

have difficulty in doing sth. 做某事有难题 The patient was perceived to have difficulty in standing and walking. 据视察所见, 病人站立和行走都有难题.lead to 导致 This can lead to significant distress, but have no fear! 这可能导致庞大的压力,可是不要畏惧!Module 2in particular 尤其;特别 This one in particular. 这小我私家很特别。come off 掉离;脱离 His hair began to come off.他的头发开始脱落。in theory 理论上;从理论上讲 In theory, this problem should not occur, but in reality it does. 从理论上讲,这个问题不应该 发生,但实际它却发生了。

in practice 实际上 So how might we use this in practice? 所以在实践中我们怎么使用它呢?take up 从事;占据(时间、空间) She took up the receiver and began to dial the number.她拿起听筒开始拨电话号码。pass by 途经;经由 I passed by your house last night at about ten o'clcok.我昨天晚上约莫十点钟的时候经由你家。

take for granted 认为……天经地义Don't take for granted what you have. 不要认为你所拥有的是天经地义的。Module 3have no connection 与…..无关I told them that I have no connection to what they described. 我告诉他们我和他们所说的完全没有关系。run away 逃跑 The thief had run away when the policemen came.警员来时小偷已经跑了。

ahead of 在…..前面;提前 He was in a class ahead of me at Dalian University. 在大连大学时他比我高一班。pour down 倾盆而下Water poured down the wall from the roof.水从屋顶沿墙往下流。be curious about 对……感应好奇 If you are curious about another language, then start learning that too! 如果你对其他语言好奇,那么也开始学习吧have enough of 听够、看够、吃够、受够 I have enough of my own wealth to manage. 我自己有足够的财富要治理。

die of fright 惊吓而死 He sounds as if he's going to die of fright! 他听上去似乎快要被吓死了!run into 偶然遇到 I was about to leave when I ran into Mr White.我刚要走就遇见了怀特先生。in a panic 恐慌的 Module 4come to an end 完结 dress up 装扮;化妆 She was dressed up for the Easter parade.她为到场复生节游行经心妆扮一番。have fun 玩的愉快 They have fun together. 他们在一起很有兴趣。on end 一连的But it can be played for hours on end. 但它也能让你一连玩上个几小时。

date back to 追溯到 in secret 秘密的 in memory of 为了纪念…..She set up an educational fund in memory of her mother. 她为了纪念她母亲而设立了一个教育基金会。pass on 通报 This ring has been passed on in my family from mother to daughter.在我家里,这个戒指是妈妈留给女儿的。

Module 5do athletics 做田径运动 I used to play football regularly when I was at university. And I used to do athletics in thesummer. 读大学的时候,我经常踢足球。夏天的时候,我经常做田径运动。

as well as (除……之外)又If they are, it will be our problem as well as theirs. 如果真的发生类似的事情,这将是我们的,也是他们的大问题。make a list of 列……清单 Make a list of your goal destinations. 写出一个你的人生目的的清单。

be determined to do 下定刻意做某事If he is determined to do something, nobody can stop him from doing so. 如果他决议做某事,任何人也无法阻止他去做。come onto the market (商品)上市,商品开始出售 The house has come onto the market now. 这座屋子现在已经出售了。on the increase 正在增加Our demand for this product is on the increase. 我们对该产物的需求正在增长。Module 6thanks to 由于;幸亏 Thanks to all the fans who make this tournament the best in the world . 很是谢谢所有球迷,是他们让这次的角逐变得如此的精彩。

according to 凭据 She bagged a fabulous fortune according to the will. 她凭据遗嘱获得了一大笔产业。give one’s life to 为……献身 He himself had determined to give his own life to the same cause. 他已决议将生命献给同一个事业。on the spot 在现场 His glance stayed posited on the spot. 他的眼光盯住那一点不动。

come into fashion 开始盛行起来 Long skirts have come into fashion again . 长裙子又盛行起来。get tough with 对……接纳强硬措施 He'll never pay up unless you get tough with him. 你如果差池他硬点,他是决不会把钱付清的。

on condition that 在……条件下 I will lend you the book on condition that you return it on Monday. 如果说你能在星期一还我,我可以借给你这本书。be worth doing 值得做某事 But it can be done. It is worth doing. 可是,它是可以做到的,也是值得做的。in the meanwhile 同时外研版英语选修六Module 1small talk 闲谈,谈天(be) nervous about 对……神经紧张/畏惧/胆怯/焦虑不安think of 想起,回忆起look away from 把眼光从……移开in addition 除此之外,另外 find out 相识(到);找出(信息)put one’s foot in one’s mouth 犯使人尴尬的错误,说错话as a consequence 因此,效果cheer sb. up 是某人兴奋/振作起来leave out 放在一边,删去(be) aware of 知道take the lead 带头,领先show off 炫耀Module 2play an important part in 在……中起重要作用(影响)come up to 朝……走过来turn away 走开sweep over 向……扩展keep one’s eyes on 注视,盯着看fix on 注视,注视cast about 寻找,搜索,想措施look around for 四处寻找(be) associated with 与……有联系 appeal to sb. 对某人有吸引力,引起某人的兴趣(be) restricted to 限于ahead of 在……前面look back over one’s shoulder 转头看catch a glimpse of 瞥见set out 出发,动身Module 3 burst out 突然发生,突然……起来knock … over (开车)撞伤,撞死lose interest in 对……失去兴趣from time to time 偶然,有时turn round 转过身来raise money 筹款keep in touch 保持联系lose touch with 与……失去联系(be) ashamed of 对……感应内疚/羞耻(be)blessed with 享有……的福气(be) allergic to 对……过敏(be) on good terms with 与某人关系很好(be) nostalgic for 对……很纪念bring … to mind 使……想起all at once 突然,突然in return 反过来,作为交流belong to 属于from the bottom of one’s heart 真心诚意地,发自心田地Module 4 (be)true of /for 与……情况相同give life to 赋予……生命(生命力,活力)(be) the same with 与……情况相同share feelings and ideas with 与……分享感受与想法make contact with 与……举行来往master musician 音乐大师all of a sudden 突然间dance to the music 伴着音乐跳舞in addition to 除此之外draw upon 使用,凭借,讲明Module 5burn out (火)燃尽,烧完自灭contrast with 与……形成对照throw oneself on… 扑到在……上again and again 一再,频频by mistake 错误地treat … as 把……当成……看待a sequence of 一系列的(be) identical to 和……一样,与……一致rely on 依赖,依靠as follows 如下knock out 摧残 get out of control 挣脱控制as far a we know 据我所知bring …back to life 使……复生Module 6declare war on 向……宣战make a breakthrough 取得重大突破(希望)pick up 停下来让某人搭车(船等);救起to one’s astonishment 令某人惊讶的是外研版英语选修七Module 1be named/called… 被称作/命名为be named after 以…命名change one’s name to 把名字改为…in one’s career 在某人的职业生涯中hold the record 保持纪录attend the university 上大学win the championship 赢得冠军admire one’s ability 崇敬/羡慕某人的能力one after another 一个接一个be delighted to do 很兴奋去做feel nervous about 对…感应紧张be disappointed with 对… 感应失望the same…as… 和…一样bring up 抚育,养大in reply to 回应draw one’s attention to把某人的注意力吸引到…上be absorbed in 全神贯注于…obtain control of 取得…的控制权take possession of 掌管/接受…base A on B 把A建设在B的基础上be based on 建设在… 的基础上Module 2look back at 回首work at/on… 事情/致力于be pleased about 对…感应满足/兴奋share sth with sb 和某人分享某物as far as I am concerned 就我而言in my view 从我的看法/角度出发be considered as 被认为是…be likely to do 可能去做in other words 换句话说except for 除了once a fortnight 每两周一次as time passed 随着时间的推移take turns to do 轮流做Module 3in astonishment 受惊地;履历地in a…voice 用… 的嗓音说a huge amount of 大量的bring sth to the attention of sb 使某人关注某事stare at 盯着;注视believe in sb 信任某人as a result 效果in one’s early twenties 在某人二十几岁时be come fond of 喜欢上hold on to 抓紧;不放手intend to do 计划做某事suffer from 受…折磨a lack of 缺乏feel at home 舒适自在let go of sb/sth 放开Module 4side by side 并排be bored with 厌烦be in decline 处于下降/衰退期take advantage of 巧妙使用stay in order 保持秩序;秩序井然try out 试用,测试be blessed with 幸运地拥有come out 出书;着花;发芽far from 远非be devoted to 专注于;全身心投入于beg for 恳求make an impression on sb给某人留下印象make up 编造;捏造no longer 不再according to 凭据consist of 由…组成provide sb with sth 给某人提供…be supposed to do 被期望做;假定去做approve of 赞成be enthusiastic about 对…热心the other day 那天in vain 白费be amazed at 对…感应惊讶/惊讶get down to (doing) sth 开始动手做Module 5in use 在使用中out of use 不再使用make use of 使用come into use 开始被使用come across 偶然遇见make up 组成;组成;编造;捏造hear of 听说go on 继续put up 为…提供食宿fall for sb/sth 倾心/喜欢…think over 仔细思量green with envy 十分嫉妒how come 怎么会have a population of 拥有…的人口in the style of 以…的气势派头point to 指向stare at 注视set off 动身;启程;引发;引爆set out 动身;开始做set up 建设set aside 预留出;腾出Module 6life span 寿命an endangered heritage 濒危遗产start a fund to raise money 建立基金会筹集资金add A to B 把A添加到Badd to 增加add up 把…加起来add up to 总计为even so 纵然这样contribute to (doing) sth 有助于;导致make a contribution to 为…做孝敬raise awareness of 叫醒…的意识get involved 到场;卷入apart from 除…之外get through 获准;履历;通过;完成for sure/certain 确切地;肯定地remind sb of sth 使某人想起…remind sb to do 提醒某人做某事act as… 继承;起着…的作用at the mercy of 任由…摆布;受…支配in return 作为回报外研版英语选修八Module 1set foot on 进入;到达in case of 如果;一旦in the form of 以…的形式stand out 突出;显眼in particular 特别;尤其aim to do sth 目的是,目的在于overcome the difficulties 克服难题come into sight 进入视野;看得见break up 碎开;破碎;破裂come up with 想出take a risk 冒险;担风险keep up one’s spirits 振作精神keep one’s promise 信守信誉make a promise 做出答应break one’s promise 违背信誉miss out 省略in (great) detail 详细地Module 2in history 历史上in the history of 在…的历史上on behalf of 代表get tired of doing sth 厌倦做…even if 纵然more than 不仅仅begin with 以…作为开始contrast with 与…有反差go hand in hand with 携手前进;配合行动cut up 切碎think hard 仔细想;深思or so 约莫end up 竣事;以…为了局tax on 对…征税make an attempt to do sth 试图做what’s more 而且turn up 泛起;露面be thirsty for 渴求;盼望by hand 手工的,用手工find one’s way to 到达…be available to sb 可被…使用或获得的Module 3by nature 生性;天性;天性in nature 实际上;事实上make out 明白make up for 弥补in short 简言之;总之set fire to 纵火烧…on close/bad/good…terms with sb 与…关系密切/欠好…be referred to as 被认为是much to the horror of sb 令…深感恐惧的是go against 违背be against 阻挡on the dot 准时as a rule 一般来说leave out 遗漏;省略;不加思量dress up as 妆扮成dress up 妆扮;装饰transform…into… 把…改酿成be likely to do 有可能做eat up 吃光Module 4tell…apart 区分;离开lie in 位于;在于in conclusion 结论是a huge amount of 大量get down to (doing) sth 开始着手做…let sb down 让…失望have sth in common 有配合点be superior to 优于;胜过get held up in traffic 陷入交通堵塞中a straight answer 直接的谜底/回复convey a concept 通报看法A be relevant to B A和B有关feel depressed 感应郁闷/压抑adapt to local conditions 调整以适应当地条件classify sth into 把…归类为…make sense 有原理make no sense 没有原理;乱说sth be meant for 专门为…准备/设计regard…as… 把…看作…investigate the incident 观察事件be of significance 有意义的Module 5turn in 转身进入;交出;上交in spite of 只管other than 差别于;除了;非at the very beginning of 在.. 的开始set out ( to do) 出发;开始做…a series of 一系列的be similar to 和… 相似set sth. in motion 使…开始be aware of 知道;意识到become aware of 开始意识到in shock 处于极端震惊状态make an impact on 给…留下深刻印象/庞大影响pray for 祈望;祈祷accuse sb of doing sth 指责/控诉某人做某事 short cuts 捷径foresee the possibility of doing sth 预见到做某事的可能性Module 6wave one’s hands 挥手approve of 赞成某事cater for 满足…的要求correspond with 与…通信as far as 远到at the same time 同时hand in hand 手拉手make a new discovery做出新发现A as well as B 不光A而且Bthink of…as… 把…看作catch hold of 抓住on second thought(s) 重新思量后try doing sth 实验做某事try to do 努力去做某事refer to 谈及;涉及refer to sb/sth as 称某人/某物为…a way of doing sth/to do sth做某事的方法face to face 面临面sense of humor 诙谐感be addicted to (doing)sth 沦落于…小可爱们需要哪些学习资料快在下方留言告诉我哦~。